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Pursuing Compensation for Adverse Reactions to Medications

Mar 14, 2024
Shamis & Gentile, P.A.

Semaglutide is an ingredient commonly used in popular medications such as Wegovy, Rybelsus and Ozempic. And while it works for the intended use, some patients have experienced complications due to side effects that they did not expect.

If a manufacturer fails to sufficiently warn about the dangers of using medication, patients experiencing side effects might be eligible to file a lawsuit and claim compensation for the damages they have been subjected to.

This process can be quite overwhelming and difficult to understand at first glance, so we hope to help you with this short article, describing which types of compensation you might expect and how going the legal route can help.

Compensation for medical bills

Apart from suffering from a severe medical complication, which in its own right can be incredibly difficult, patients also have to navigate the financial burden of paying for expensive treatments and stay in the hospital.

By seeking compensation for your medical bills in a lawsuit, you can eliminate the financial worry of these sometimes life-changing expenses. Thus, it is easier to focus on recovery rather than worry about how to pay your rent or put food on the table.

Compensation for loss of wages

Not only will people suffering from side effects due to semaglutide complications have to deal with expensive medical bills, but in some cases, they also lose their main source of income as they become unable to work for either a short or extended period of time.

Seeking compensation in this manner can help put your finances back on the right track, and alleviate some of the pressure you might have felt from being forced to dig into potential savings or possibly even take out loans in order to take care of yourself and your family in this trying time.

Compensation for pain and suffering

In some cases, it also becomes possible to sue for pain and suffering in order to be compensated for the hardships you have gone through while being subjected to the side effects of Rybelsys, Wegoby, or Ozempic.

While medical expenses and loss of wages can be calculated relatively precisely, pain and suffering is a more subjective term, and the compensation can, therefore vary on a case-to-case basis and depend on the ability of your lawyers in order to present your case.

Punitive Damages

Finally there are punitive damages, which generally applies in the cases where a pharmaceutical company or manufacturer has been found liable for negligence. In the case of medications such as Ozempic, Rybelsus and Wegovy, this could be applicable due to their failure to warn with regards to their labeling.

The goal of this type of compensation is to deter companies from deliberately leaving out certain side effects on their warning labels in order to get more people to choose their medication. By seeking punitive damages, you will seek compensation for yourself and potentially help other patients in the future.

If you are looking to learn more about compensation and potentially pursue legal action due to severe side effects you have experienced, you are welcome to contact our law firm today. We will handle your case with care and utmost professionalism and help ensure the best possible outcome.

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