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Arbitration Lawyers

Below is a general breakdown of the various types of mass arbitration lawsuits in which our arbitration lawyers and attorneys have plenty of experience.

Class Action Lawyers meeting

Lawyer arbitration is a form of dispute resolution outside the courtroom. An arbitrator decides the result much like a judge, but the proceedings are private.

It has, unfortunately, become common practice for banks to include arbitration clauses in their agreement paperwork in order to avoid public class actions that can bring bad press and hold them accountable in court. Agreeing to these clauses forces customers to seek a resolution with the bank out of court. Banks expect that arbitration will discourage customers from seeking further action.

Here at Shamis & Gentile, P.A., a firm that is highly experienced in arbitration, we not only focus our attention on a number of different types of arbitration but also, class action lawsuits, mass torts, personal injury, and personal injury protection lawsuits. Our arbitration lawyers have successfully helped people recover money all over the United States. Contact an experienced arbitration lawyer today!