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Can passengers in a car accident sue to cover injuries?

Jun 14, 2019
Shamis & Gentile, P.A.
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Were you recently a passenger in a car accident in Miami? If so, you may be wondering if you can file a claim to cover your injuries. The answer is yes. There are many different scenarios under which you can file for coverage. If the driver of the car that hit you did not have insurance or if the driver of the car you were riding in did not have insurance, you may have to sue for coverage. To do this, you will need to file a claim with a Miami car accident lawyer.

How Soon Should You File Your Claim with a Car Accident Attorney?

The sooner that you file your claim with a car accident lawyer, the better. This is the kind of case that you will need to move on right away. This is because you will need to prove that your injuries were severe enough to merit filing a claim for coverage. You will need to show all of the necessary documents, eyewitness statements, and other evidence in order to justify your claim. It’s best to get all of this evidence collected and presented before it has a chance to disappear.

Where Can I Find a Car Accident Attorney Near Me?

At this point, one of the biggest questions you are bound to be asking is, “Where can I find a Miami car accident lawyer near me?” The answer is right here in Miami. All you need to do is schedule a meeting by phone or through this site. We can schedule an initial consultation during which we will go over the facts of your case. We will help you to formulate a plan that you can pursue in court to win a fair and full settlement.

Call the Car Accident Lawyer Miami FL Residents Rely on for Justice

The accident that occurred was not your fault. You were a passenger, not the driver. This means that you should not be the one who has to be on the hook to pay for all of your injuries. What you need is a fair settlement that will cover all of your bills. The time for you to call the car accident attorney Miami FL residents rely on for justice is now. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you present – and win – your claim for coverage.

Submit a Class Action Claim

Submit a class action claim today; there are no associated fees or expenses unless we manage to win the case on your behalf.