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Certified lab tests confirm CBD Oil Products mislabeled

Dec 01, 2019
Shamis & Gentile, P.A.
CBD Oil Products Mislabeled

Cannabidiol (CBD) is not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Its popularity has taken over the market and several products claim to have CBD contents. Since the U.S. government has not yet regulated CBD, it is not necessary that all the products that claim to have CBD contents have it! Dozens of CBD Oil Products mislabeled contain lesser amounts of it compared to the amount labels claim.

CBD oil levels tested by a Portland lab

A Philadelphia inquirer reports that since CBD is not regulated, it can be hard to predict exactly how much CBD do these products contain. Owing to its popularity, CBD is being included in practically everything. Be it sausages, tinctures, lattes, lotions, beer, doughnuts etc, the all claim to have CBD oil contents.

 Portland NBC affiliate KGW8 ordered lab tests to analyze and determine the amounts of CBD products contained. The latter sent several samples of the products that claim to have CBD to Green Leaf Lab which is situated in Portland and provides cannabis and hemp testing facility, which allows a 10%-15% margin of error.

The CBD oil lab reports

According to the report of Green Leaf Lab, CBD living water claims that it contains 5 ng of CBD, but the lab tests did not detect any CBD contents in the product.

A beer that advertised its CBD contains showed no CBD content when tested in the lab. However, the insides of the bottle were found with traced of CBD.

Puur gummies when tested in the lab showed less than 20% of CBD contents compared to the amount they claimed.

There are several other products that failed the lab tests. Green Leaf lab reports show that most of the products that claim to have CBD oil in them have very little or no CBD contents.

However, tinctures and lotions did have a decent amount of cannabidiol contents. The amount of CBD detected in these products was quite close to the amount the products claimed to have. It is because of the manufacturing process of tinctures and lotions that it is easy to reproduce a consistent level of CBD as compared to beers and other products.

Not being regulated is one factor that leads to CBD oil products mislabeled

CBD oil products mislabeled have not yet been regulated by the FDA. Companies that advertise their cannabidiol contents often do not give the consumers a detailed insight on the latter.

Although CBD is derived from marijuana and hemp, it does not cause any psychoactive effects. The factor that causes the high feeling is THC which is not included in these products. Hemp and marijuana contain two components- CBD and THC out of which CBD has several health benefits and THC causes one to feel high.

CBD is safe to use and comes with medicinal properties. It is effective in treating anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, seizures and childhood epilepsy. It is because of its medicinal properties that CBD has gained popularity and has become easily available to the consumers.

Companies do not always give you the right information.

CBD is available to the common public in various forms. Balms, oils, liquids for vape, capsules, cosmetics, lotions, beer, tinctures and much more that claim to have CBD are often lying about their contents. May companies give you inaccurate information of the contents in order to increase sales and popularity of their products?

Not only do they give wrong information on the amount of CBD, companies often do not mention the other ingredients that have been added with the cannabidiol.

A few of the many companies which fall into the latter category are:

  • Yolo CBD oil cartridge
  • Zilla Pods
    • Avid Hemp Gummies
    • Ceres Bounty
  • Puur CBD Vape Cartridge
  • Wellbies
  • Diamond CBD vape additive
  • Eco Sciences
  • Funky Monkey vape cartridges
  • Green Machine Pods
  • Experience CBD Gummies
  • Freedom Wellness
  • New World CBD
  • Pheel Goodz
  • Green Machine Pods
  • Hawaiian Health
  • Heady Harvest Gummies
  • Magic Puff Hemp Disposables

CBD oil Products mislabeled misleading the trust of consumers. The benefits of cannabidiol are many and it is proven that CBD is good for health, however, many companies are misusing the name to increase profit and sales.

CBD Oil Products Mislabeled Class Action Investigation

Consumers are attracted to CBD products. If you feel that the product you have purchased does not contain the claimed amount of CBD, get in touch with a class action attorney to know the potential of your lawsuit.

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