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Gold Peak Tea Class Action Lawsuit Claiming Misleading Concave Bottles

Sep 14, 2019
Shamis & Gentile, P.A.
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Class Action Lawsuit claims allege Gold Peak Tea brand for misleading consumers, by its practice of using the concave design for its 18 fluid ounce bottles that give an impression of containing more tea than they really do.

Gold Peak Tea Bottle Class Action Lawsuit

Plaintiff David G. says that he bought a Gold Peak Tea bottle for about $1 in California. He says that at the time he bought that bottle, he had no clue about its concave design that made the tea appear to be more than it actually was in the bottle. He further claims that had he known about the fact the bottle contained such little amount of tea than it otherwise gave the impression of containing because of its concave design; he would have not wasted his money on it.

David has charged the Coca-Cola Company of confusing its consumers about the actual quantity of tea in the bottles of Gold Peak Tea in order to raise its revenue. By using bottles with a concave design at the bottom the company is clearly misguiding its clients, as the concave area which seems to be holding liquid tea is actually containing nothing. So, when a customer looks at the inverted bottom of the bottle, he/she will not understand that they are tricked about the product quantity.

The class action lawsuit claim made by David stresses on the fact that the concave design of the Gold Peak Tea is specially created to not let consumers notice the actual amount it holds, and instead trick them to buy it. So, it is only after you drink the tea that you will actually realize how it contained so less quantity as contrary to what you had expected it to be.

Fraudulent & Unethical Packaging

The way the Coca-Cola Company is packaging its Gold Peak Tea bottles is alleged to be a fraudulent and unethical practice. The Company is clearly aware of the fact that consumers will not notice or find about the concave design of the bottle so easily. So, they are continuing with this unfair practice to keep them believing that there is enough amount of tea in the bottles than there truly is.

Another point raised in the lawsuit claim is regarding the misuse of marketing tactics by the Coca-Cola Company. The company knows how consumers choose products on the basis of its packaging and quantity standards. So, by designing their Gold Peak Tea bottles in such a clever way, the company is making their customers believe it to be the best deal.

Class Action Packaging Laws

As per the Gold Peak Tea Class Action Lawsuit, it has been made clear that despite being aware of the packaging laws, the company is continuing to defy them for its own monetary interests. This has also happened, because the company has an idea of the weak state of affairs of the regulatory state and federal agencies that are actually responsible for implementing the packaging laws. These agencies are helpless, because they lack support in the form of both funds and staff to work in the best of their abilities.

All this time, the company knowingly packaged its Gold Peak Tea bottles in such a way that left so much useless space, while misguiding consumers all the way.

David, the person who is responsible behind filing this class action lawsuit has filed many such claims against various manufacturers who are alleged mostly for slack fill. David’s attempts at stopping manufacturers from tricking their consumers has actually worked in the past, and with this class action against the Gold Peak Tea bottles, it is again expected to prompt a positive change in their manufacturing and packaging.

At present, there are so many manufacturers who are not afraid of playing the odds and misleading their loyal customers by fraudulent and unfair means of packaging and marketing their products. Surprisingly, the list of such manufacturers is no short of even the biggest names in the industry, who have long won the hearts of their loyal customers through their valuable products and services.

It is high time that more people like David take the responsibility of speaking out their concerns about such fraudulent means of making money and use their rights as a consumer. Because, unless and until you raise your voice against such malpractices by manufacturers, you will not be able to create a change in the things around you.

Class Action Lawsuit Investigations

Intentionally misleading your loyal consumers is something that will never benefit a company in the long run. But still if companies continue doing so in the future as well, they should prepare themselves to fight a class action lawsuit that is deserved. If you believe you have a class action lawsuit or need an investigative team to speak with, contact Shamis & Gentile, P.A. Our Class Action Lawsuit investigation team is here to serve you.

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