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Kona Beer Hawaiian Origin Class Action Settlement

Sep 15, 2019
Shamis & Gentile, P.A.
Class Action Settlement

Did you know that, as a consumer you have all rights to make a claim against the fact that Kona Beers are not genuinely brewed in Hawaii? A Kona Beer class action settlement claim can help you get up to $20, once you are able to allege the false representation by the company of its beer’s origins. Where the company puts up a façade about their Kona Beers to be brewed in Hawaii, in reality they are being made in areas like Oregon, Tennessee, New Hampshire etc.

What Evidence of Purchase will you need to make the Claim?

In order to settle your claim of $20 per household, you must be able to offer an evidence of your purchase, like; receipts, a copy of your credit card statement that confirms the purchase, a UPC copy from the Kona Beer package, etc. In case, you are unable to offer any such proof that confirms your purchase, you will still be eligible to recover up to $10 of your claim per household.

The last day to put forward your claim for the Kona Beer class action settlement is October, 7, 2019, whereas, the date of hearing for the settlement is set for December, 19, 2019.

Who is Eligible for the Kona Beer Class Action Settlement

In order to fit into the eligibility criteria for the Kona Beer class action settlement, you need to have purchased any of the 4-pack, 6-pack or the12/24 pack of Kona Beer during the period of February, 28, 2013 to June 14, 2019.

Are there any Specific Kona Beer Varieties that are to be covered in this Settlement?

Yes, there are certain Kona Beer varieties that are specifically incorporated in this settlement. These varieties include:

  • Longboard Island Lager
  • Gold Cliff IPA
  • Hanalei IPA
  • Fire Rock Pale Ale
  • Wave Rider Tandem Pack
  • Castaway IPA
  • Kanaha Blonde Ale
  • Happy Mahalo Variety Pack
  • Big Wave Golden Ale
  • Island Hopper Variety Pack
  • Liquid Aloha Variety Pack
  • Wailua Wheat
  • Pipeline Porter
  • Lemongrass Luau
  • Koko Brown Ale
  • Kua Bay IPA
  • Lavaman Red Ale

If you have eligibly purchased any of these Kona Beers in the specified period, you can make a claim for the following payments:

  • $1.25 Per unit for 4-pack Kona Beers
  • $1.25 Per unit for 6-pack Kona Beers
  • $2.00 Per unit for 12-pack Kona Beers
  • $2.75 Per unit for 24-pack Kona Beers

Important Things to Consider before making a Claim

One of the first and most important things you need to consider before filling in a claim form for the Kona Beer Hawaiian Origin Class Action Settlement is to make sure that you fit into the eligibility criteria. If you fail to qualify for the settlement, then you should strictly stay away from filing a claim.

It is important to note that you cannot make a fraudulent claim under perjury. For instance, if you have only recently purchased Kona Beer after June, 14, 2019, then you are not eligible to make a claim and get your class action settlement payment. Hence, you should only fill your claim form, once you are able to meet all the requirements of submitting a genuine claim.

Request for Exclusion

The last date to exclude your-self from the Kona Beer Hawaiian Class Action Settlement is October, 7, 2019. Once you request for exclusion in this class action settlement, you will no longer be entitled to the monetary compensation. But, even after requesting for your exclusion, you will still contain your right to sue CBA for this claim.

Objecting to the Class Action Settlement

The final date to object to the Kona Beer Hawaiian Class Action Settlement is October, 7, 2019. In order to object to the settlement, you cannot exclude your-self from it, while writing to the court about your specific objections regarding the claim.

Lastly, you must remember that in order to receive a monetary compensation from this class action settlement, you are required to submit your claim form sharply by the final date given by the court, i.e. October, 7, 2019. Apart from making sure about submitting a timely claim, another thing that is extremely important is to take notice of the fact that you claim form is completely valid. Once you are able to fulfill all these requirements for the Kona Beer claim, you can successfully reach a legal class action settlement in the form of monetary payment for the case. Contact our Class Action Investigation team if you believe you have a claim or need a free consultation.

Submit a Class Action Claim

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