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How Does Ringless Voicemail Work?

Nov 28, 2018
Shamis & Gentile, P.A.
ringless voicemail

Telecommunications technology has blurred the lines between phones and the Internet. Voicemails, emails and text messages are starting to resemble one another. A prime example is the no ring voicemail. How does ringless voicemail (RVM) work?

New No Ring Voicemail Technology

You might receive a ringless voicemail. Ringless voicemail marketing involves the use of server to server technology to insert or drop a voicemail directly into your voice mailbox or voicemail server. What does this accomplish? It allows for marketers to bypass humans, who can decide to answer or not answer the voicemail. Now, people are looking at the voicemail number and not answering messages from numbers they don’t recognize. This technology can work on all mobile phones and landlines, which have a carrier provided voicemail box. It might not work with PBX system landlines. Landline delivery might still cause a ring, so it is not technically ringless. The landline technology is still being worked out. The recipient can see the sender’s phone number in the caller ID. That is how people can respond to the marketing technique. Marketers believe this is non-intrusive. Is that true? Yes and no. It allows for people to continue to make calls while receiving ads. If the customer does not want the message, he might feel that it is intrusive. Recipients are no longer gatekeepers as to what reaches their voicemail box.

Is the Recipient Billed for a Ringless Voicemail

With traditional voicemails, recipients might be billed for delivery. With the voicemail drop, there is no ring, however, the recipient could still be billed depending on their service provider. There might be some cell phone carriers who still want to notify the recipient of a new voicemail. The response rate for ringless voicemail drops is between 4% and 8% or so.

Ringless Voicemail Legal Ramifications

Are ringless voicemail drops, calls, texts or email messages? Of course, the FCC and TCPA claim that the voicemail drop is still covered under their statutes. Ringless voicemail drops might be considered a hybrid, sort of like VOIP. In July 2018, a court case in Michigan stated that the TCPA applies to the voicemail drop. Just like push and pull notifications, the RVM provides marketers with one more tool. Right now, this technology might only be available in European industrialized nations, including UK, US, Australia and New Zealand.

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