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How is fault determined in a multi-vehicle car accident?

Feb 08, 2021
Shamis & Gentile, P.A.
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Determining fault in a car accident involving two parties is relatively simple. However, a car accident lawyer’s job can get a great deal more complicated when several vehicles and drivers are involved.

When we attempt to determine liability in a multi-vehicle car accident, we start with the first driver whose actions provided the catalyst for the accident. If one driver rear-ends another, causing a chain reaction that affects several other vehicles, it is fairly easy to show that the first driver was at fault. However, what happens if we find that the second driver was positioned too close to the third, causing the first collision to lead to a second? Then it is clear that the second driver also holds some responsibility. In this way, it is possible for some level of liability to be assigned to almost every driver involved! Sourcing the true origin of the crash then involves the careful untangling of the several mini events involved in the multi-vehicle pile-up. The driver behind that first action is ultimately the person responsible for the accident.

Can you sue someone for a minor car accident?

You can sue after any accident, even a minor one. However, cases seldom end in lawsuits unless there are major injuries or damages involved, and the insurance company denies the claim or does not offer a fair settlement.

Can you sue if you weren’t hurt?

You can sue after an accident if there is damage to your vehicle or other property, but you are not injured. However, this would not constitute a personal injury lawsuit

What is a ‘low impact car accident?

Insurance companies created the term “low impact car accident” to refer to an accident that occurs at low speeds with minimal damage to property and only minor injuries, if any. The criteria for a low impact accident have changed over the years. Currently, such an accident is defined as one that results in $5,000 in damages or less. 

If you have been involved in a multi-vehicle car accident and believe that your entitled to compensation, or your insurance claim has been denied or underpaid, book a consultation with a car accident lawyer at Shamis & Gentile.

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