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I Was Charged NSF/Overdraft For Using Zelle. Can I Claim?

May 10, 2022
Shamis & Gentile, P.A.
NSF_Overdraft For Using Zelle

If you have recently used Zelle to complete a transaction and were charged NSF/overdraft fees, you may be entitled to compensation. There has been a surge in complaints about fraudulent transactions on through the Zelle app, with customers of major banks complaining that their financial institutions have refused to refund any transaction or NSF/overdraft fees.

The Recent Problem With Zelle and NSF/Overdraft Fees

When using Zelle, customers may incur overdraft or NSF fees. Zelle’s terms and conditions specify that customers will need to manage their own balances and ensure that there are sufficient funds in their accounts before attempting to complete a transaction through the payment app. However, what about cases involving fraudulent transactions? The problem with the recent spate of fraudulent transactions on Zelle is that there appears to be a great deal of uncertainty as to who is liable for them. Customers who have tried to claim back either the full transaction amounts or bank fees and overdraft fees, have found their claims rejected by their banks on the grounds that the customers themselves had, in fact, authorized the transactions. These banks know that Zelle is an easy target for fraudsters, yet they are not taking any responsibility for their customers’ losses. If you are among these customers, you may be entitled to join a class-action lawsuit against the major banks.

Are You Being Unfairly Charged For NSF Fees?

All banks are required to follow certain rules when it comes to charging overdraft or NSF fees. In the past few years, many banks have come under scrutiny for unfair practices with regard to these fees. In some cases, they are overcharging their customers, in others charging customers they have no right to charge. In others, as in the Zelle situation, they are refusing to refund charges even when their customers have been the victims of fraud. If you regularly use Zelle and have either been defrauded or simply incurred bank charges that you believe were too high, unjustified, or simply inappropriate, you could well have a legal right to claim these charges back, and perhaps pursue further damages too.

What Is The Process of Filing an NSF Fee Lawsuit

If you believe you are among those who have been unfairly treated by your bank after fraudulent Zelle transactions, the first thing you should do is consult an NSF lawyer at Shamis & Gentile, P.A.. We will assess your case and see if it qualifies you to join the growing class action. After considering the details of your case, we will let you know whether you qualify and what compensation you should seek.

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