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Paraquat Lawsuits – Understanding the Health Implications and Legal Consequences

May 02, 2023
Shamis & Gentile, P.A.
Paraquat Lawsuits

Many people have unfortunately been affected by paraquat, which is considered by the CDC to be a highly toxic herbicide. It is commonly used to control weeds in agriculture, but appears to pose significant health implications, due to the level of toxicity.

If you or someone you know have had their health affected by paraquat, there are a few different things you should be aware of. Firstly, there are several risks for your health to consider, and secondly, these days law firms such as Shamis & Gentile, P.A. are fighting to obtain justice for the affected individuals through mass torts.

Health implications

Paraquat can have severe chronic health effects due to prolonged or unfortunate exposure to paraquat, which is why the product is highly regulated in many different countries and states. This is why the EPA, on the subject of agricultural uses, categorizes paraquat as Toxicity Category I, the highest of four levels for acute inhalation effects.

Being exposed to high levels of paraquat can lead to acute poisoning, which can happen if people digest, inhale, or even handle the chemical without proper protection. Even a small amount can be lethal if ingested, but symptoms can include nausea, vomiting, abdominal pains, just to mention the some of the more well known ones.

Not only can people experience the common symptoms associated with contact to paraquat, there are also more serious issues to consider. People who have inhaled paraquat herbicide can experience severe damaging of their lungs, possible leading to irreversible damage that ultimately can end up in respiratory failure or fibrosis.

The toxic elements of the herbicide can also have an effect on the kidneys, potentially causing acute kidney injury, or chronic kidney damage. There are also growing concerns over the possibility of paraquat leading to an increased chance of getting Parkinson’s disease.

Legal Consequences

Due to these serious health issues, the law offers individuals and lawyers several avenues, in order to pursue personal justice. And, depending on the specific case in question, companies that have been involved in the production of paraquat, can be forced into a number of different agreements, settlements and arrangements, in order to right the wrongs they have caused.

This can be in term of product liability lawsuits, which can lead to settlements, and or regulatory actions and fines. It is not uncommon for plaintiffs to seek compensation for damages, as the money retrieved can pay back medical expenses, cover future treatments, make up for lost wages and the fact that plaintiffs are now experiencing a diminished earning capacity.

There is also the factor of emotional distress, as well as pain and suffering to consider. All in all, obtaining financial compensation through a mass tort can help alleviate the financial burdens associated with paraquat-related health issues for the individuals, and help create a sense of justice.

Another outcome may also deal with companies needing to change their marketing strategy, add labels and warnings to their products, and in other ways make it easier for consumers to be aware of the dangers. With increased awareness on the topic, it might also lead to protecting future generations with an increased regulatory scrutiny.

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