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Does Personal Injury Protection benefits cover your medical bills if you are in an UBER accident?

Feb 14, 2017
Shamis & Gentile, P.A.
Personal Injury Protection benefits

Passengers in an UBER vehicle may get PIP From his/her own PIP
Passengers most likely will qualify for PIP, through their OWN insurance! In the event a passenger does not have car insurance, the next primary policy will be with a RESIDENT RELATIVE.

However, if you were driving an UBER vehicle, it is possible a policy of insurance issued by UBER will cover your personal injury protection benefits.

UBER passengers can sue the at fault driver
In addition to possibly getting PIP, an UBER passenger may be able to make a personal injury claim against another driver, or against the UBER driver.

To do so, a careless driver must have caused the crash.

Passengers in an UBER vehicle doesn’t get PIP from UBER
On its website, UBER states that No fault coverage (e.g., PIP) is provided in certain states at similar levels as limos or taxis in those cities. In Florida, limos or taxis are not required to have PIP, so the UBER auto policy won’t provide PIP coverage.

UBER drivers in Florida likely get no PIP
If another car hits an UBER driver in Florida, the UBER driver won’t get PIP. If an UBER driver has PIP on his or her personal auto insurance policy, it won’t provide PIP since a personal policy doesn’t cover you if you drive for UBER.

This may be bad news for UBER drivers in some parts of Florida where the driver may get a PIP credit if the UBER driver is considered “uninsured”.

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