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PIP Tricks – Personal Injury Protection

Nov 07, 2014
Shamis & Gentile, P.A.
PIP Tricks - Personal Injury Protection

What To Look For: Personal Injury Protection – PIP Lawyers Miami

PIP Insurance companies are constantly trying to find ways to reduce or even deny payment. PIP Lawyers Miami provided a short list on what strategies to keep an eye on.

Emergency Medical Condition (EMC)

The easiest reduction/denial to be aware of is the Emergency Medical Condition (EMC) limit at $2,500. Some companies will cut off benefits at $2,500 and say, “benefits exhausted” in hopes that you will close out. Companies like Progressive, Liberty Mutual, and Safeco have been doing this frequently.

14-Day Rule

The next one to be mindful of is denying the claims when the patient wasn’t treated within 14 days of the accident. Our office is filing lawsuits on these types of cases declaring the 14-day rule is unconstitutional. Fell free to send us these cases if you come across them, but be conscious that this case will most likely take years to solve. Please call us if you have any questions.

Massage and Acupuncture

Like we said for the 14-day rule, we’re filing lawsuits stating that it is unconstitutional to deny massage or acupuncture care. So if you have a case like this, send it our way. If you are billing massage then try updating your practice to bill/perform/notate manual therapy instead of massage to AVOID litigation.

Manual Therapy vs. Massage

So far one company, Progressive has been claiming that manual therapy (97140) is really just massage therapy (97124) and denying those codes. Don’t let them get away it.  Please send those cases or call with questions.

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Keep PIP Lawyers Miami in mind for any PIP issues that you come across. South Florida Injury Attorneys will keep you updated on what goes on this year with the Florida Legislature.


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