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Injury Lawyer

Dedicated, Trial-Proven Injury Lawyer Miami

At Shamis & Gentile P.A., we are personal injury lawyers by calling and by choice. Led by long-standing law partners Andrew Shamis and Angelica Gentile, our entire injury lawyer legal team thrives on exposing negligence that endangers others and on recovering financial compensation that helps our clients recover physically, financially and emotionally.

What does an injury lawyer do?

Our experience covers a vast range of injury-causing accidents in Florida and New York, highways, sidewalks, work sites and elsewhere. We have recovered many millions of dollars for our clients by building compelling cases for trial and taking them the distance when no fair settlement is offered. Our established strengths include advocacy for victims of:

  • Slip-and-fall accidents, trip-and-fall accidents, and other accidents caused by defective property conditions
  • Injury-causing and accidents on work sites
  • Car, pedestrian, motorcycle, bus, taxi and other types of automobile and roadway accidents
  • Assaults, attacks and other injury-causing events caused by negligent security in Florida nightclubs and other commercial venues
  • Accidents caused by defective, dangerous products such as industrial equipment and machines with inadequate guarding or other design flaws

We have in-depth knowledge of comparative negligence and all other legal considerations associated with personal injury and wrongful death claims. Our injury lawyers are adept at managing complex cases, and we stand up strong against any opposition, including corporations and government entities such as the city of Miami.

When should I hire an injury lawyer?

Every injury lawyer on our cohesive team has significant experience. This means that we are prepared and willing to take your bus, taxi, uber, or lyft accident the distance if no fair settlement offer comes forward. Our proven capabilities cover the spectrum of:

  • Collisions involving city-owned buses and ordinary passenger vehicles
  • Falls and impact injuries caused by bus drivers “stopping short” without warning
  • Accidents caused by cab drivers, many of which are due to cellphone use behind the wheel in violation of applicable laws
  • Injuries suffered while getting on or off a bus, typically caused by a driver’s failure to prioritize riders’ safety or a physical defect at the bus stop

We know from intensive experience representing injury victims that serious, life-changing injuries — and even tragic fatalities — often occur under unusual circumstances. When you choose to contact us, we will treat you with care and respect from day one through resolution of your injury or wrongful death case.

Can an Injury Lawyer help me if i was hit by a careless, intoxicated or distracted driver?

Any motor vehicle collision is a major hassle and costly inconvenience. If you suffered substantial injuries, the aftermath can be a medical, emotional and financial nightmare. Dealing with auto insurance companies on your own may be a choice you regret for years to come. Instead, take advantage of our lawyers experience in seeking every dollar of available compensation.

Most insurance defense attorneys know that they must negotiate with our firm in good faith or face formidable, impeccably prepared opposition in the courtroom. This is perhaps the most important asset you can leverage as you strive to recover from a car accident and move forward in life.

Do personal injury attorneys handle car accident claims?

Our personal injury attorneys have handled hundreds of car accident claims — as well as motor vehicle cases involving injuries to pedestrians and motorcyclists.  Our knowledge and capabilities extend across the full spectrum of accident investigation, disputed fault, comparative or gross negligence, and other issues that may arise after:

  • Any car accident that you believe was caused by a drunk, texting or otherwise grossly negligent driver
  • A rear-end collision, intersection accident, sideswipe, head-on crash or another type of accident caused by a reckless, inexperienced or inattentive driver
  • Any auto accident that injured you or a family member as a passenger — regardless of fault for the wreck

Do injury lawyers handle slip & fall cases?

In a fateful instant, anyone can slip or trip and suffer a fall that causes serious injuries. If this has happened to you or a family member and you believe that the property owner’s negligence was the cause, it is essential to contact a lawyer versed in premises liability statutes and other relevant laws as soon as you can.

Our accomplished personal injury lawyers at Shamis & Gentile, P.A. in Miami have advised and taken action for hundreds of slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall accident victims.  Such cases are far more complex than most people realize, demanding extreme rigor in investigation, analysis and case building. We are dedicated to:

  • Responding quickly and decisively to any call about a fall on commercial property, a sidewalk or other unsafe location — an essential step for gathering time-sensitive physical evidence, video evidence when available, and witness testimony
  • Pursuing every angle to prove that a property owner knew about a defective property condition or should have known about it and fixed the problem or posted a warning
  • Educating our potential clients on the law and providing clear, realistic counsel on whether a premises liability case is valid and worth pursuing

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