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Reasons To Hire An Arbitration Lawyer

Feb 09, 2023
Shamis & Gentile, P.A.
Reasons To Hire An Arbitration Lawyer

If you need to undergo arbitration for any reason, it is always best to do so with an experienced arbitration lawyer at your side. Technically, you don’t need an arbitration lawyer, but because the process is generally adversarial in nature and requires you to put forward and defend your case, with an outcome that will affect your rights and well-being in some way, you will probably want a lawyer’s help in preparing and presenting your case. 

Arbitration is an alternative to litigation. It enables the parties to resolve a legal dispute without going to court. Instead of a judge, a neutral third-party arbitrator presides over the dispute and makes a final decision on the basis of the arguments presented. It is less formal and expensive than litigation, but it can still be a time-consuming, adversarial, and costly exercise.

What Is An Arbitration Lawyer?

An arbitration lawyer prepares a client’s case for arbitration and can also represent the client in the proceedings. The lawyer will begin by assessing the case and determining its strengths and weaknesses and building an argument that is most likely to succeed. They can assist the client in negotiations with the opposing party, and help secure third-party funding if it is needed. Arbitration lawyers understand the process and the applicable laws underlying each case.

They Will Protect Your Rights

The decision reached in the case will certainly affect your rights in some way. You need a lawyer present to help you understand and defend your rights. In binding arbitration, you don’t get a second chance and you cannot appeal the outcome, so you need a lawyer to help you work toward a favorable outcome.

It’s Hard to Plead Without a Lawyer

Pleading your case without the help of a lawyer can be more difficult. If a law or statute applies in your case, a lawyer can help you create an argument that is supported by fact and law, and then present your case on your behalf.

They Will Help You To Win Against Corporate Giants

Unfortunately, arbitration often favors large companies. Major corporations often include mandatory arbitration clauses in their contracts with customers so that the latter are forced to use arbitration instead of litigation in the event of a dispute. They do this because they know they have a better chance of winning an arbitration. Therefore, you need a lawyer with the knowledge and experience to take them on.

Hire Shamis & Gentile , P.A

Shamis & Gentile, P.A. provides outstanding legal services in Florida and New York. We distinguish ourselves because of our experience and resources, which we combine to handle any kind of case involving personal injury, personal injury protection, and class actions/mass tort, among others. If you are preparing for arbitration in a dispute with an employer, service provider, or any other company, contact us and book a consultation with one of our arbitration lawyers.

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