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The Possible Effects of RoundUp Mass Tort Lawsuits

Jun 16, 2023
Shamis & Gentile, P.A.

Over the past years there has been a growing concern over the potential health risks associated with the herbicide RoundUp. From people experiencing severe illnesses, involving cancer, to plaintiffs suing manufacturers for failing to disclose the dangerous effects of the main ingredient, glyphosate.

Typically an individual victim of these adverse effects would have a hard time reaching a positive result in the courts, but with the power of mass tort lawsuits, multiple affected individuals can band together and fight the good fight united. This blog post will explore the possible outcomes of such a lawsuit, and examine the legal landscape in detail.

The Allegations

Back in 2019, such a lawsuit was filed against a leading manufacturer of RoundUp. The claim alleged that the company was not adequately warning consumers about the dangers of the chemicals found in the herbicide, and that users of the herbicide had an increased chance of developing cancer.

In terms of published studies, there have been differing opinions on the risks associated with using RoundUp. EPA concluded in 2017, that glyphosate was not likely to be carcinogenic to humans. Although a few years prior, in 2015, another study by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, glyphosate was classified as potentially carcinogenic to humans by a group of leading scientists.

Since then, people have accused the companies of favoring their marketing potential, rather than adequately informing their customers of the risks, since the manufacturers are still avoiding putting warning labels on their products that notify of the potential risk of cancer.

The Different Effects

So far, the lawsuit from 2019 was settled during negotiations, where the defendant paid a multi-million dollar settlement, although they denied any wrongdoing. This has sparked public discourse, as well as heightened awareness about the importance of understanding the safety of widely used chemicals in agricultural practices.

These previous lawsuits have also provided individuals with precedent, and a legal avenue to hold the manufacturer accountable for alleged harm caused by their product. Through the legal process, plaintiffs are able to present evidence linking RoundUp exposure to their health conditions and seek compensation for their damages.

Furthermore, the ongoing litigation surrounding RoundUp has led to increased scrutiny of scientific studies, as well as increased the amount of evidence regarding the safety of glyphosate. This has prompted further research and evaluation of the potential risks associated with its use, as well as encouraged transparency from manufacturers in disclosing safety data.

An Ongoing Battle

Mass torts are an effective way for individuals to be fighting large corporations with big budgets and droves of in-house lawyers. Affected victims stand to gain compensation for damages to their health conditions, find justice and accountability, and get their medical expenses covered, so their financial burdens are eased.

An ongoing battle lies ahead as more individuals affected by RoundUp come forward, seeking justice and accountability. With each new lawsuit and settlement, the public becomes increasingly aware of the potential risks associated with glyphosate exposure and the responsibility of manufacturers to prioritize consumer safety.

The collective efforts of those pursuing RoundUp mass tort lawsuits have the power to bring about significant changes in industry practices, leading to stricter regulations, improved product labeling, and ultimately a safer environment for all. By standing together, we can hold corporations accountable and ensure a brighter, healthier future for generations to come.

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