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Here’s How Spam Text Messages Are Costing You Money

Mar 05, 2019
Shamis & Gentile, P.A.
Spam text messages

Has your phone been clogged up with spam text messages? These annoying texts not only waste your time but can also drain your finances. The spamming may have gotten to the point where you are afraid to turn your phone on. If this is the case, you don’t have to put up with it. You can file a claim in court with the spam text messages lawyer Miami FL residents have called upon to get them a settlement. This is a judgment that will hit these spammers in their most sensitive area – their wallet. And this will be a wake up call that is long overdue for them.

Don’t Let Spam Text Messages Trick You into Spending Money

Spam texts are not only irritating to receive but can also be quite costly. Many spam texts include a feature where they ask you to say “Stop” in order to end the call. This is a trick to make you reply to the text. Once you do so, you are on the hook for charges. Some texts may cost 10 or 20 cents to reply to. However, there may be other types of texts that are set up to place much higher charges on your monthly bill.

The Time to Make Your Spam Text Messages Claim is Now

This type of trickery is only one of the many similar scams that many spam text senders are running. The idea is to bilk you out of your money before you realize what’s going on. This is why you need to stand up to this bullying and thievery. If your phone bill has suddenly sprouted all sorts of charges that you don’t recognize, you can fight back. You can hire a spam text messages lawyer in Miami to help you file a claim.

Call a Spam Text Messages Lawyer in Miami Today

If you are sick of having your phone hijacked by spammers, you need to do something to put a stop to it. The time for you to call the spam text messages lawyer Miami FL residents rely on for justice is now. It’s easier than ever to file your spam text messages claim. Call us today to arrange for an initial consultation. You can receive up to $1500 per spam text violation. We will be glad to let you know what your options are for fighting this outrage. The sooner you get in contact, the sooner we can get you justice.

Submit a Class Action Claim

Submit a class action claim today; there are no associated fees or expenses unless we manage to win the case on your behalf.