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Unwanted Car Dealership Spam Texts? Here’s what you can do

Dec 02, 2019
Shamis & Gentile, P.A.
car dealership spam text

Receiving unwanted car dealership spam text messages during the day can be annoying and disturbing. These messages clog up phone space and in some cases might also lead to unwanted charges. Telecommunication messages are an easy way to attract business and potential customers. However, unwanted telecommunication messages harass the receivers as they act as an impediment in their daily functioning.

How do car dealership companies get your number?

Receiving telecommunication messages is quite annoying, especially from the car dealerships you have never heard of! It is absurd to receive a message asking you to do business with a company you never knew existed before you received that car dealership spam text.

The most annoying part of these car dealership spam texts is that they are sent to without your consent. The company is so engrossed in attracting business that it forgets to take care of the comfort of the common public. It also shows that attracting and increasing business is much more important than abiding by the law.

Car dealerships need to advertise their services which is why most of them opt for a marketing agency. These marketing agencies buy databases from various sources that have information and contact numbers stored of people. Along with you, there are several other people to whom these car dealership spam texts are sent. If you have used your number to dial numbers like 888, 900 or 800, your number is stored in the database which might later be bought by a third party.

If you have registered yourself for a contest or have given your consent to the car dealership to inform you about new services and products, receiving telecommunication messages is acceptable as you have given your consent. However, if you receive car dealership spam texts without giving the company your consent, it will be counted as illegal.

You can put an end to it!

Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), no organization or company is allowed to send telecommunication messages or make telemarketing phone calls to consumers without having their consent to do so. Consumers have the right to take legal action against a company that violates the TCPA. Sending consumers unwanted car dealership spam texts is violation of the TCPA under which car dealerships can be held guilty.

Most people first try to stop these unwanted car dealership spam texts by replying “stop”. However, these car dealership spam text messages do invade the privacy of consumers as they are sent without taking their consent. As a consumer, you have the authority to seek justice in the court of law and sue the dealership for violating the TCPA and disrespecting the rights of consumers.

How shall I contemplate litigation?

If you have been troubled by unwanted car dealership spam texts or know somebody who is annoyed because of these messages disturbing them in their daily routine, you can and you should take legal action against the dealership. Ignoring these messages only encourages these dealerships to continue sending messages to consumers without their consent.

As a responsible consumer, you must stand up for the rights of consumers and report such illegal activities. You can contemplate for litigation against the dealership that has violated the TCPA. If you do not know about the proceedings and how you need to go about everything, you can get in touch with an attorney who could tell you all about your rights and will assist you in your legal proceedings.

It is not just about holding a dealership responsible for sending you unwanted telecommunication messages but also about sending a powerful message to all other dealerships that they promote their business and their services in a legal manner.

Car Dealership Spam Text – Take a stand for yourself!

Unwanted car dealership spam texts have become a huge concern these days. As a responsible consumer, it is imperative you stand up for your rights and take legal action against any organization or company that violates your rights. Ignoring these messages is not an option as they will not stop.

You are not the only one who is disturbed by these spam texts. If you look around, you will notice that the company is not only invading your right to privacy. Several other people are harassed by the same. Such dealerships are least concerned about your concerned as their sole aim is to attract potential customers which is why you need to send across a message that consumers’ consent shall be prioritized.

If you have been receiving such unwanted telecommunication messages, get in touch with an attorney today!


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