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Zantac Cancer Lawsuit Information

Oct 15, 2020
Shamis & Gentile, P.A.
Zantac Lawsuit Information - cancer connection

If you have turned on a television recently, then you have likely seen information about a Zantac lawsuit.

What is this investigation about?

And why are Zantac lawyers working hard to help people get the potential compensation that they deserve?

Let’s take a closer look at what Zantac lawsuit lawyers want everyone to know regarding Zantac lawsuits.

Zantac: Heartburn Medication

In order to understand the Zantac lawsuit investigation, you need to know more about this medication.

  • Zantac is the brand name version of a common type of medication called ranitidine;
  • Zantac is a heartburn medication that is primarily used to treat heartburn.
  • Zantac decreases stomach acid in the body by acting as an H2 blocker, or an agent which blocks histamine receptors inside of the stomach.
  • In addition to treating heartburn, Zantac has been used to great reflux diseases, peptic ulcers, and similar problems.

What Zantac Lawyers Want You to Know

There have been recent claims regarding Zantac which may indicate that Zantac could cause an increased cancer risk in people who took Zantac or other ranitidine products. These claims are based on testing from a well-regarded independent laboratory which found that usage of Zantac may cause an increase in Nitrosodiumethylamine, or NDMA, exposure. NDMA is considered to be a likely carcinogenic compound according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer and the US National Toxicology program alike. The compound is even used to induce cancer in rats in certain laboratory settings.

Exposure to NDMA has been linked to the development of various types of cancers. The most common cancers associated with NDMA exposure are:

  • esophageal cancer,
  • liver cancer,
  • colorectal cancer,
  • stomach cancer, and
  • cancer in the small intestine.

Some other types of cancers have also been associated with NDMA exposure but in more limited capacities:

  • leukemia,
  • early onset prostate cancer,
  • pancreatic cancer,
  • multiple myeloma and
  • non-hodgkin’s lymphoma.

FDA Petition and Reaction

Food and Drug Administration

Due to the troubling findings from independent laboratory research and studies linking NDMA exposure with Zantac usage, a petition was filed to the FDA; however, the FDA’s initial position was to suggest that the association between Zantac (and its generic version) and NDMA was due to improper testing methods. Despite this lukewarm reaction from the FDA, many distributors and manufacturers associated with products linked to NDMA launched voluntary recalls and are ordering their own testing.

Should You Consult Zantac Lawsuit Lawyers?

You may be eligible for a Zantac lawsuit investigation lawsuit. If you have taken Zantac or any form of the generic medication ranitidine, then you may be eligible to join our investigation. In order to be potentially eligible for this type of action, you will need to have definitive proof that you used Zantac. Proving that you took Zantac may be slightly difficult due to the fact that it is an over-the-counter medication; however, if you have receipts from previous purchases, any notes from a clinic or doctor’s office that you were taking Zantac, or other documented evidence that you took this medication, it will help you potentially qualify.

There is another key component to potentially qualify: proof of injury. In other words, you will need to be able to show your Zantac lawyers that you were diagnosed with one (or even more) of the cancers listed above. Your Zantac lawsuit lawyers will then need information which indicates that your Zantac use could be connected to your injury or in other words, your diagnosis with one or more types of cancer. Possible correlation between these two factors could be proof that you took high doses of Zantac, took high doses more frequently than usual, and that longer-term usage of Zantac came before a cancer diagnosis.

If you believe you may be eligible, Contact your Zantac Lawyers, Shamis & Gentile, P.A. for a free case review at our email address ( or call us today 305-479-2299.

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